Core Values


We believe in the power of transparency in how it inspires trust, confidence, and collaboration.

massive action

We are stronger together, and through massive action together we create massive impact.


Everything we do is to support our community and raise each other up to achieve success.

Do these or other values resonate strongly with you? We would love your input as we continue to define our company culture and mission.

The Playbooks

We are implementing a variety of marketing and operational playbooks to maximize our launch and ongoing efforts. These playbooks are specifically designed to help build your search authority, supply your content marketing, bring you more digital opportunities, and expand your brand awareness all while requiring little to no work by you.

On this page you’ll get a short summary of each playbook. If you have more questions or want more visibility into a specific operation please schedule a call with us to go through the details together.

Scheduling & guest management

One of the biggest pains we hear from podcasters new and established is the attraction and management of guests. We’ll take this off your plate and handle everything while maximizing your digital networking.


All you do is show up and hit record. We’ll handle the episode content, audio and video editing, transcription and blog writing, and production of social graphics and videos.

Digital distribution

Our team handles the distribution of all content across our 10+ owned digital channels to help incrementally build your online authority and inbound traffic. 

ranking & Pr

We are coordinating a strategic launch campaign to maximize listenership and rank as a top real estate and business podcast.

digital syndication

We are partnering up with 12+ other established digital magazines to help maximize our distribution for each episode.

influencer collaborations

We are implementing a targeted guest outreach campaign to book interviews with more established real estate experts and influencers.

paid advertising

We are reinvesting into paid advertising across various social media channels to help accelerate listenership and while building a global following.

social media marketing

To help you win back bandwith, we provide done for you social media scheduling and marketing to grow your online sphere of influence while maintaining the consistent distribution of dozens of social media posts.

seo strategy

We design our episode scripts based around keyword research in order to ask the questions already being asked. We then repurpose the audio into transcripts and blog posts to maximize search authority from the podcast.

email marketing

As an agency partner of ActiveCampaign, we are providing all of our real estate entrepreneurs access to email software and templates to maximize the distribution of your content. 

sales automation

In addition to email, for our more advanced users we also provide sales automation software that integrates across your digital channels.

digital & print magazine

Explore an opportunity to wow your clients and your family with a feature or cover story in our Rising 2021 magazine in digital & print.