Industry Journey Real Estate Experts Podcast

8 – Reflecting On Our First Year In Real Estate

In this episode, Elias & Derek discuss their short yet fast-paced professional journey in real estate at Homie, this podcast, and a growing passion for the industry.

Journey Real Estate Experts Podcast

7 – Flip Some Real Estate

In this episode, we talk to Paul Roberson about his experience foraying into real estate. From his first family home flip to homeownership and a new career in real estate, learn from Paul’s early mistakes, lessons, & victories in real estate.

Industry Real Estate Experts Podcast

6 – Las Vegas Agents Sharing Their Real Estate Perspectives

In this episode, Elias & Derek talk to Sam Cohen about the current real estate market, as well as advice for first time buyers or aspiring real estate professionals. Please don’t mind the at-times choppy connection and definitely do enjoy the stories and lessons these two Las Vegas based real estate agents had to share.

Community Real Estate Experts Podcast

5 – Raising Homeownership in The West Las Vegas Promise Neighborhood

In this episode brought to you by Nevada Partners, our panelists discuss the power of homeownership in communities, address the historic Black homeownership gap, and discuss potential avenues for raising homeownership rates in the West Las Vegas Promise Neighborhood. Learn more in today’s special episode of Real Estate Experts!